Cocktail Competition 2020


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to postpone this competition until it is safe to resume in-person meetings. Check back for more info.

Ruhe 152 and Goshen Homebrew Club Competition 2020

Entry Guidelines

Competition theme

The them is “cocktail-inspired”. This can mean whatever you want it to mean- however, remember that the end result needs to be a beer. That means you can’t just pour in a spirit, as Ruhe 152 won’t legally be able to replicate it.



April 1: Sign up by filling out the Entry form
May 6, 6:30pm- Competition, held at Ruhe 152

If you aren’t able to attend, you can drop your beer off at Ruhe 152 during business hours before the competition, May 2 & 3.


  • We encourage collaborations, especially between experienced and newer brewers.
  •  Each brewer can be responsible for 2 entries max. That can be 2 solo entries, one solo and on collaboration or collaborations only
  • You don’t need to be present to be considered, just your beer.
  • No entry fees.
  • Any non-professional homebrewer within 100 miles of Ruhe 152 is eligible to enter.
  • This is not a BJCP-sanctioned competition. BJCP style guidelines will be used to support the judges evaluations of beers, but beers will be evaluated hedonistically and with scalability and cost to Ruhe 152 in mind.

Prizes and judging

Our goal is to have the judging process be fair and educational. Entrants and members of Goshen Homebrew Club will be invited to the judging event, and those present will be the judges for the club favorite.

The judging process will depend on the number of entries, but will likely follow a similar format to previous years. The people present at the competition will be split between the several tables, with entrants at tables without their entries. The tables will evaluate each beer based on its representation of the base styleand quality. Each table will come to a consensus to send 1 or 2 of the beers to the best of show round, where all judges will vote to reach a final decision.

Club Favorite: People present at the meeting will participate in judging, and the winner will win a surprise from Ruhe 152.

Collaboration Recipe: We’ll give the recipes to Ruhe 152, and they will select a winner to scale up and brew. This may or may not be the club favorite. Ruhe 152’s decision will be final. Prize: Bragging rights, first dibs on times for brewing.

Brewing the 2018 winner

Each entry should include:

  • 4×12-oz bottles of beer or 2×22-oz bottles of beer
  • Recipe for homebrew scale
  • Style, based on BJCP Style guidelines
  • Which yeast was used
  • Include links or citations for recipes you based it on

The entry should be brought to the competition. If you are unable to attend, you can drop off your entry at Ruhe 152 during their normal opening hours in the week before the competition. You can also contact Goshen Homebrewing to arrange drop off.



If using extract, make sure to use a light extract to make sure conversion to all grain will be easier.


Avoid using hops that could be hard to find, including Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin or experimental hops. Some substitutes may apply when making it on Ruhe 152’s system.


Any yeast is fine.


Feel free to add additional character to a beer through special additions (like fruit, spices, wood, smoke, small amounts of character malt, etc.) that might nudge it slightly beyond a classic example of one of the above styles. Remember that if it’s picked, Ruhe 152 will need to use roughly 40x as much, so keep cost and availability in mind. Direct additions of spirits like whiskey are also not able to be done when brewing professionally, so avoid doing that. Entries with additions will be judged based on both the quality of the base beer as well as how well the addition works.

Questions? Email [email protected].